Gold Award Winner of SAKE COMPETITION 2019

Gold Award Winner of SAKE COMPETITION 2019

At the “SAKE COMPETITION 2019”, where 1,919 sake products from all over Japan and the world were entered, our “Gokeiji Junmai Ginjo Omachi” was awarded Gold (7th place) in the “Junmai Ginjo Category”.

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In addition, Gokeiji Junmai Ginjo Omachi has received a special award, the “JAL Flying Sake Award”, which was awarded to only one of the participating sakes and the winner will be served in JAL's international business class and domestic first-class cabins from 2020 to 2022.

Gokeiji Junmai Ginjo Omachi

This Junmai Ginjo that we proudly recommend is characterized by its mild aroma, and a juicy fruity taste that harmonizes sweetness and acidity and brewed with “Omachi”, which is carefully cultivated by Okayama farmer Iwato.
This Junmai Ginjo has won an honor prize in the “Omachi Summit” competition, which is held to select the best sake brewed with Omachi produced in Okayama Prefecture.

Rice used: 100% of “Omachi” produced in Okayama Prefecture Yeast used: Self-made yeast Sake degree : +-0 Acidity : 1.5