The Best Non-pressed Series that the Chief Brewer Has Created with Dedication

In 2022, our brewery launched a new series of “Gokeiji Non-pressed”, a new series of Gokeiji.

Product planning: Kazuhiro Yanai, chief brewer

The “Non-pressed”is a more selective filling of the middle part, which is obtained without applying any initial pressure to the regular mash in the press machine.
The most distinctive feature of this sake is its exceptional clarity. It is brewed by the chief brewer with his utmost dedication and passion, who identifies the best part after the start of pressing, which is later stored separately from the normal pressed part.

御慶事 無圧搾り シリーズ 第一弾「ふくまる」を発売いたしました

One type will be launched each month from June to September.

June: Fukumaru
July: Special A Yamada Nishiki
August: Hitachinishiki
September: Special Omachi

※Due to the nature of the product, the number of bottles that can be produced is very limited. Please note we may limit the number of bottles partially depending on the order status.

Label design: Riri, a paper cutting artist

The four gods on the label design are the gods of the four directions and were designed by Riri, a paper cutting artist from Fukushima Prefecture. (Insert excerpt of Riri's comment below from FB)

Riri's comment

The creation of this label was the first offer that I have received when I started my career as a paper cutting artist.

It was very moved to see the long-awaited product will finally be launched, and I would be more than happy if more people could enjoy my design with the excellent sake.I think that Aoki Sake Brewery's desire to make sake and my desire to cut out pictures are the same when it comes to inheriting the traditional culture of this country and weaving it into a new form.

If this interweaving of our thoughts and feelings for the future can bring joy to people, that would be an answer to the meaning of choosing to be a paper-cutting artist as my career.I have poured all my passion into creating the labels that could be described as the face of the sake, which is filled with the thoughts of many people. I hope the sake of this series will not only satisfy your buds but will satisfy your eyes with their gorgeous appearance.

The label is ornately designed to showcase the strength, delicacy of sake and the crisp lines unique to paper cutting.

【The first release】 Gokeiji Non-pressed Fukumaru “KIZUNA”

Fukumaru is a variety of edible rice recommended by Ibaraki Prefecture and is cultivated under contract with Akiba Neon in our hometown of Koga City.

When we took over the sake project “Nisai no Kamoshi”, which is made only by people in their 20s, we wanted to convey the appeal of sake to the younger generation, so we had them experience the process from rice planting to productization together with local students, which created a bond to convey the joy of sake brewing to the future.

In addition, the two companies, Akiba Noen and Aoki Sake Brewery, usually collaborate to organize events in order to make more people know about our hometown, Koga. That is why we named it “KIZUNA”, which means “connection”.

In addition, when we launched this series, there was news of a fire at Yuki Sake Brewery. As a brewing company engaging in the same industry, we chose this sake as the first sake to be launched because it symbolizes the “bond” that “connects” “Fukufuku” and “Fukumaru” (This part has been removed).

【The second release】 Gokeiji Non-pressed Special A Yamada Nishiki “SUI”

Yamadanishiki is a rice grown mainly in Hyogo Prefecture and is known as the best rice for sake brewing.

It is said that even amateur brewers can make a good sake from this rice, while the chief brewers, who are experts, will use the best of their skills to create a clear, mild and fruity sake with Yamadanishiki rice, which can be described as a work of art.

We named it “SUI” to embody the highest quality rice and advanced technology.

【The third release】 Gokeiji Non-pressed Hitachinishiki “EN”

Hitanishiki is the only sake-brewing rice produced in Ibaraki Prefecture, and although it is said to be difficult to handle, by adopting it for brewing, our products have managed to win various awards, including third place in the Junmai Ginjo category at the “SAKE COMPETITION 2015” and the highest trophy award at the “International Wine Challenge 2016”. This is the rice that gave Aoki Sake Brewery the determination to move forward. This is why we named it “EN”.

【The fourth release】Gokeiji Non-pressed Omachi “ENISHI”

Omachi is a large-grained sake brewing rice with white core grown in Okayama Prefecture.
Aoki Sake Brewery has managed to obtain this rice to make sake through the connections with many people.
It was also served in JAL business class and first class.
We have named this sake “ENISHI” to express our gratitude to the many people who have offered us so much help and support.