Not a GOKEIJI, Initiative Taken by the Twenties - Nisai no Kamoshi

《As of now, our work at the Aoki Sake Brewery have been successfully completed, and from 2021 onwards, the entire brand is passed on to Tenryohai Sake Brewery on Sado Island, Niigata. We hope you will continue to support Nisai no Kamoshi and the sake brewing by people in their 20s. 》

Special Thanks to the Brewing Team

御慶事ではない、二十歳の取り組み – 二才の醸
harvesting rice

Chisa Aoki, Rintaro Uchida, Kazunari Harada, Yukina Amano, Rieko Takahashi, Yoshinobu Aoki, Sayaka Teruya, Shiori Inoue, and all the people in their 20s involved in this sake making process

Nisai no Kamoshi  The third generation is Aoki Sake Brewery

三代目 二才の醸 純米吟醸
The third generation of Nisai no Kamoshi

“Nisai no Kamoshi” is a brand of sake that was created in 2014 by Makoto Ishii, the 8th generation of Ishii Sake Brewery in Satte, Saitama Prefecture. At the time, 27-year-old Ishii was the youngest president in the industry, and he embarked on this completely new project with the concept of “sake made only by people in their 20s”, hoping that his generation, which was gradually moving away from sake, would become more aware of its appeal.

二才の醸 銘柄譲渡
brand transfer

The name “Nisai no Kamoshi” comes from the word “Nisai” of the Japanese word “Aoni-Nisai” with the “Ao” omitted deliberately. The name expresses the idea that “even young people are willing to take on the challenge of sake brewing”. Through crowdfunding for production and event funds, the sake, which was completed only by members in their 20s, was covered by the media and received a great response.

However, in 2016, as the chief brewer of Ishii Sake Brewery turned 30 years old, “Nisai no Kamoshi” was passed on to Keita Watanabe, the fifth generation of Takarayama Sake Brewery in Niigata City, in an unprecedented case of “brand transfer”.

In 2016 and 2017, “Nisai no Kamoshi” was produced by Takarayama Sake Brewery, but in 2018, as Mr. Watanabe reached his 30s, I was asked if our Aoki Sake Brewery would like to take over the brand. At first, I felt apprehensive, but I readily agreed because I thought it was a challenge that I could only take on while I was in my 20s.

After the handover ceremony of the brand from Takarayama Sake Brewery to Aoki Sake Brewery, I started brewing “Nisai no Kamoshi” as the third generation.

Nisai no Kamoshi produced by 7.5 Generation of Aoki Sake Brewery and university students

Since I was the only one in my 20s at Aoki Sake Brewery, I thought it would be a good idea to brew sake with people of my age who were interested in sake. I formed a team with four students from the University of Tsukuba in my hometown and recruited more general participants in their 20s to join in the project from rice planting to shipping.

二才の醸 田植え
harvesting rice

In September, students from Sophia University and Meiji University joined us to harvest “Fukumaru” at Akiba Noen, a local farm in Koga City. “Fukumaru” is Ibaraki Prefecture's original brand of rice which is used to brew “Nisai no Kamoshi”.

In November, we held a three-day preparation for “Nisai no Kamoshi”. When we recruited participants via social networking sites, many more people in their 20s participated than we had expected. Everyone was impressed by what is common in sake brewing, and we had a lot of fun working together to complete the process of brewing. The yeast used was Ibaraki's original “SYS yeast” and we have specially selected the raw materials produced in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The labels were also made by the 20s, with each participant using watercolors to paint the color representing themselves, which were then combined by students from School of Art and Design of the University of Tsukuba to create an energetic design.

The press process was completed in December, and in March of the following year, I applied the labels with the 20s who have participated in brewing in a lively and fun atmosphere.

二才の醸 仕込み

And in April, the product was finally released. Brewed with the strength of youth, the sake has a fruity finish with a strong rice flavor.

We hope that “Nisai no Kamoshi” will serve as an opportunity to spark an interest in locally brewed sake among not only young people but also people from all walks of life. Please have a taste of this sake that can only be enjoyed on this occasion.

Chisa Aoki, Senior Managing Director, Aoki Sake Brewing Company

Media Coverage

We would like to thank all the media for their coverage of the implementation of Nisai no Kamoshi.

April, 2019:Start of sales

Sake brewing only by people in their 20s appeals to their generation

日本酒造り、20代だけで 同世代にアピール - 日本経済新聞

茨城県古河市の日本酒蔵元「青木酒造」が、20代の若手だけで造った純米吟醸「三代目 二才の醸」を売り出した。専務の青木知佐さん(29)とスタッフとして加わった学生ら…

29th April,2019 Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Aoki Sake Brewery in Koga has completed the sake produced by the 20s

11th April,2019 Yomiuri Shimbun

“Nisai no Kamoshi” produced by the 20s is “gorgeous and sharp”  29-year-old Senior Managing Director cooperates with Tsukuba University students

8th April,2019 Tokyo Shimbun

Ibaraki) “Nisai no Kamoshi” made only by people in their 20s is completed

8th April,2019 Asahi Shimbun

December,2018: sake brewing

The third generation of “Nisai no Kamoshi” will be produced by the Aoki Sake Brewery in Ibaraki Prefecture!

すべてを20代がつくりあげる日本酒─「二才の醸」3代目は茨城県・青木酒造が担う! | 日本酒専門WEBメディア「SAKETIMES」


19th December,2018 SAKETIMES

<Stories of People> “Sake Made by People in Their 20s”, a challenge by Chisa Aoki, Senior Managing Director of Aoki Sake Brewery, who made a U-turn from being a nurse.

9th December,2018 Tokyo Shimbun

July,2018: Brand Transfer Ceremony

“Nisai no Kamoshi”, sake produced by the 20s, the baton of the third generation will be passed on to Ibaraki.

8th August,2018 Asahi Shimbun

“Nisai no Kamoshi Handover Ceremony & BBQ Party” will be held at “Harajuku Takenoshitaguchi Forest” in Harajuku on Sunday, July 29!

6th July,2018 SAKETIMES


Rice planting



Label design

Bottling and labeling