Company Profile / 公司简介 / 公司簡介

company name / 公司名
Aoki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. / 青木酒造株式会社 / 青木酒造株式會社
representative / 代表 
Shigenobu Aoki
Established / 已确立的 / 已確立的

Liquor manufacturing and sales license / 酒类生产经营许可证 / 酒類生產經營許可證
License number: Koho 1 (Certificate) No. 1 / 经营许可证号:科霍1(证)1号 / 經營許可證號:科霍1(證)1號

Date of attending alcoholic beverage sales management training / 参加酒类销售管理培训日期 / 參加酒類銷售管理培訓日期
November 18, 2021

Deadline for next training / 下次培训截止日期 / 
November 17, 2024

Name of training organization / 培训机构名称 / 培訓機構名稱
Sarushima Retail Liquor Association / 猿岛零售酒类协会 / 猿島零售酒類協會

Business content / 业务内容 / 業務內容
1. Manufacture and sale of sake, shochu, and liqueurs / 1. 日本清酒、烧酒、利口酒的制造和销售/ 1. 日本清酒、燒酒、利口酒的製造和銷售
2. Manufacture and sale of pickles / 2.酱菜的生产和销售 / 2.醬菜的生產和銷售
3. Any business incidental to the above / 3. 上述附带的任何业务 / 3. 上述附帶的任何業務

office location / 总公司所在地 / 總公司所在地
Head office location2-15-11
Honmachi, Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture
TEL. 0280-32-5678
FAX. 0280-32-0655


By train

8-minute walk from Koga Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line After exiting
the West Exit of Koga Station, go straight, turn left at the crossroads in front of Yaochu Fruit Shop, and then go left at the fork.
After passing the flashing lights, walk along the road and you will see the shrine on your left. Our company is just after turning left at the crossroads at the shrine.
A brick wall and storehouse are landmarks.

for automobiles

From the Tokyo direction (from Route 4), cross the Shin-Mikuni Bridge and go straight.
・Cross the Ohtsutsumi intersection a kilometer ahead and continue straight ahead. ・Turn left at the Lawson intersection a kilometer ahead and follow the road. Turn left at the first traffic light, turn right at the next traffic light, and the brick moat and storehouse are on the right side of meters ahead.